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Virtuous Woman, Entrepreneur

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Virtuous Woman, Entrepreneur



   The 31st Chapter of Proverbs is the setting of a conversation between a mother and son. The son name is Lemuel who served as king. There were some golden nuggets he received from his mother about life, authority, and women. In the first part of the chapter the focus is “life advice”. The three golden nuggets are:


1)      Giving your heart away, meaning if you allow the wrong person to have your heart this can be very destructive. This is excellent advice, many times we share our heart with the wrong person or people. I will say this place your heart with people who celebrate the gifts in your life, they’re the ones who are worthy of your inner heart.  

2)      Drinking into drunkenness, people drink for many reasons, in this chapter we find one reason because they have heavy hearts and just want to forget everything for a moment. But, when you continuously drink into drunkenness you bring destruction to yourself.

3)      Judge righteously, people who are in authority must judge righteously. We all have had people in authority who didn’t judge righteously. What I learned from that situation is “what not to do”. People have more respect for your authority when you’re fair, not their buddy, but fair in judgment.  


Lemuel the king learned three powerful nuggets from his mother: watch who has your heart, watch your drinking, and judge righteously. Next we will find out what is the life-style of a virtuous woman. Who is this woman, what makes her so valuable, do we still have virtuous women today, and how can we become virtuous women. All these questions will be answered in the up-coming post.  


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Comments from the Heart

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Everyone we have had some difficulties with the post, please feel free to just make comments from your heart on the topic of “Virtuous Woman” your comments will still enter you into the contest.

New posts will come in on April 27th please listen to the audio posted below, this is a great starting point for conversation.


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Disciplined to Reach Destiny

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Everyone I was the guest at Fiya Global Ministries with Elder Demetrius Short the show was entitled “Disciplined to Reach Destiny” on 3/29/2012… Please click on the link below this was life-changing…

Must listen about 20minutes… Pass It On!!!

All Mother’s Must Be Destiny Minded!!!
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OMG!!! Everyone I made another post today without proofing and once again there were several mistakes. Please excuse the mistakes I will get on track tomorrow… Doing to much at one time!!!

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Proverbs 30 was listed in 4/23/2012 post the correction is Proverbs 31..

Mothers please visit the mothers day contest link for all details, the link is located on the left side of our page…


New Dates

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The dates for the Mother’s Day Contest have changed to April 23-May6th @ 12:00midnight!!!


The History of Mother’s Day

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All mothers glad you’re visiting the “Rehoboth Church Blog”

We are starting off our contest with the history of mother’s day celebration. Read and post your comments between April 23-30, we will have new post in connection with mother’s day. Our main topic of discussion will be

“Virtuous Woman,Entrepreneur” (Proverbs 30)

History of Mother’s Day by Doug Brinlee

It has been traced back to ancient Greece, the Greeks held a festival to honor Rhea, mother of Greek gods.

In 17th century, England had what was known as Mothering Sunday. Celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent to honor mothers. During this Sunday any servants who were mothers could have the day off.

Mothers Day in the United States goes back to the civil war. Julia Ward Howe had the idea after witnessing the bloodshed of the civil war. In 1872, Howe promoted Mother’s Day for peace which would be held on June 2.

1907, Ana Jarvis moved to have Mother’s Day a national holiday. It was set during the second Sunday in May, which was the anniversary of the death of Jarvis mother.

President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official in 1914.