“That Thing”

Posted: April 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

You know I usually wait until Monday mornings to write and post my blog. But something happen tonight in my spirit I recognize a shift has been made in the earth, one that has brought newness and freshness. 

All day I have been thinking about what place I function best, where are my greatest talents, what comes easy to me without struggle to preform, what do I love doing and passionate about it. You know “that thing” this is where God has gifted and prepare you for in this shift of newness and freshness.

In this hour of visitation we will see people who walk in “that thing” this will bring forth greatness to the world. One of my “that thing” is working to help people birth their destiny in life. Now, that its revealed setting the work into motion is the next step. This is why I am up writing rather than sleeping because the work is in progress. In this hour you must work as never before, because your pain will bring power to someone else. In other words someone is waiting to hear your story, so share it…

You will never be truly satisfied in life until you walk in “that thing” only God and you know where that place is in your life. Remember its not anyone else job to know what your “that thing” is or to see what you see, only time reveals who you really are in this life. Start this week with that new shift of newness and freshness we have just cross over, this week has just ushered us into a new beginning.  I am waiting to hear what will happen in the weeks and months to come…

Share your story we are waiting to hear it!!!! (Post Your Comments)

Pastor G


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