Virtuous Woman, Entrepreneur

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Qualities of a Virtuous Woman


Proverbs 31:10

“A capable, intelligent, and virtuous woman-who is he who can find her? She is far more precious than jewels and her value is far above rubies or pearls”. (Amplified Bible)


Qualities of a Virtuous Woman:

1)      Relationship towards her husband: his heart does trust securely in her, she comfort and encourage him all the days of their lives together.

2)      She seeks products (wool and flax) that she can work with her hands continuously into development of the products.

3)      She prepares food for her home, even if it comes from afar.

4)      She arises early before day for the food preparation.

5)      She is a woman that is physically fit for the jobs she performs.

6)      She gives to the poor

7)      She makes for herself the finest clothing made of linen and silk.

8)      She sells the finest clothing to merchants that she made with her hands.


Looking at all these qualities of a “Virtuous Woman” which gives an example of a woman who is a homemaker during biblical times, what would this same woman look like today in our presence time?


Number one the modern day “Virtuous Woman” most times is a working mother as will as running the tasks of the home. One thing remains the same; she is still trustworthy to her husband. She looks for things that will produce profit for herself and her household. She prepares food for the family and looks for food that may come from a far such as certain vegetables and fruits. She is physically fit meaning this woman is aware of her health and will exercise to maintain physical fitness. She loves looking good and wears the finest of clothing, than she turns around and sells what she make. This is what we call the “Virtuous Woman, Entrepreneur” this woman will look for ways to turn her passions into profit for her entire household. Women who seek to find ways that will bring profit to themselves, their households, and the next generations are praised as a virtuous woman.


To answer a pervious question we ask is there still virtuous women today? The answer is yes certainly, you may not be an entrepreneur by owning your own business. Women today who seek to provide a good home environment, be trustworthy with their husbands, and work in their passions are still “Virtuous Women”. To those of you who are homemakers and entrepreneurs, walking in your season of passion fulfillment. Continue working to fulfill your dreams, because it’s for your entire household…  

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