Posted: May 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have post this before thought it should be repeated…

“Change Is Married to Success”

Always remember successful people are people who are willing to make changes for the better! Research any company and if they’re not willing to change with the times their business is no longer in business. For example Kodak couldn’t keep up with the digital changing world. After being in the “picture making business” for over 120 years, at the first half of this years Kodak announces it would no longer be in the picture making business. Why, because of the growing market of digital pictures, Kodak was not willing to change with the times. If you’re not willing to change you will find yourself being a “has been”. Change is one of the most important ingredients to growth, without change there is no growth. A word to the wise change and grow!!!  

Pastor G


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